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I am a Roschild I liked learning about my family’s history

Time well spent!

This podcast is the perfect mix of entertaining/interesting and productive/useful. These are fascinating stories and life portraits that illustrate useful character traits that one can apply to their own personal leadership development. It’s clear that Ben does an excellent job researching and preparing for these episodes to ensure their accuracy and that they capture the bigger picture of these world leaders. Recommend!!

10/10 Recommend!!!

This is the podcast that I recommend to EVERYONE I know. Ben does such a great job at providing historical accounts of famous figures in the most interesting and accurate way possible. I look forward to every episode and hope it never stops!

History’s Michael Jordan

Best story teller and voice for covering historic figures. I just wish we had more episodes!

Threading the needle

Great pod. It’s more organized than Dan Carlin, with all the cool and interesting anecdotes. It’s more condensed and less extreme detail than Mike Duncan. I love both those pods and Ben threads the needle between them for a fantastic listen.

The Definitive Guide for Taking Over the World

One of the most criminally underrated podcasts I have ever seen. This guy compares and contrasts all of the great people through time, and then extrapolates upon their qualities and applies it to every day life. From Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat to Julius Caesar’s clothing, Ben Wilson leaves no stone unturned. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Amazing Entrepreneurship Podcast that brings valuable lessons

Ben, this podcast is amazing. Great research, storytelling and my most favorite part is the valuable takeaways at the end of each podcast. Keep up the great work

Storytelling at its Finest

Ben Wilson weaves a story like few can and does so with many of the most intriguing figures in history. If you love learning and want to discover the unique character traits of people that have shaped our world, this is your opportunity to let HTTOTW be your engaging and trustworthy guide.

Great show, that keeps us wanting more

Very well presented from the facts to the voice to the information included all round great research and very interesting. Traits of histories greatest most influential people. Really well done. We look forward to the next episodes

History Applied!!

I feel as though the practices of successful characteristics are clearly outlined. Vision. Hard work. Resilience. Eccentricity. And it’s embodied in the storytelling of adversity and triumph.

Great show, that keeps us wanting more

Very well presented from the facts to the voice to the information included all round great research and very interesting. Traits of histories greatest most influential people. Really well done. We look forward to the next episodes

Listen To It Now

Best podcast EVER!!!

Edutainment at its best!

This is a stellar pod. And plenty useful for anyone curious about power, potential and history. I feel it’s the superior cousin to my own Career Blindspot Podcast. Highly recommend for those looking to navigate their career!

One of the best podcasts

Ben is so good. This is a fantastic podcast.

Great podcast

Great listen and summaries provide. Thanks for the work.

LOVE letter from a non history lover 🤩

I was never a history lover…. My dad was… he has a ton of biographies… always raving about them… about the lessons in them… but I always rejected them for some reason. Not sure why. Even though I knew they had incredible lessons in them. But then, I found How To Take Over The World and got HOOKED. Ben has an incredible ability to break down history in an easy and entertaining way so WE can take over the world ourselves. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and podcaster myself I appreciate deeply this lessons Ben is able to extract from personalities in history! Definitely a show everyone needs in their rotation! Thanks for creating this masterpiece! Luis


I started listening to this podcast in the very early stages as a friend referred me to it. The way Ben produces these are so easy to digest and fun to listen to. More than that it’s inspiring and ambitious. I love every second and get excited when new episodes come out.. he doesn’t just stuff content out there. Only the most high quality content is ever published. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

My new favorite podcast

I was recently turned into this podcast by a friend and figured I’d give a listen. I’ve always been interested in history but have never been much of a reader. This podcast is now my go-to for any drives or when walking the dog. My only concern is that I’m almost through them all…so Ben may need to clone himself to pump episodes out more quickly haha! Overall great podcast and thank you for reigniting my interest in history!

One of the most underrated pods

One of the best podcasts, period. Clearly an incredible amount of work put into every episode. Ben is going to be huge one day.

Great podcast

Ben Wilson is an amazing narrator and a great story teller. Listened to all of them and can’t wait for new ones to come out.


My favorite podcast, informative, insightful, funny, engaging. I find myself volunteering to drive places so I can listen to the podcast in the car.

Pure Quality

The best sound quality and content. Ben Wilson really hits it out of the park. Favorite podcast easily.

Excellent & Entertaining History Podcast

This podcast is an interesting take on the great man theory of history, focusing on the stories and attributes of these figures — many of them common. Over the episodes, Ben Wilson has become a very good story teller, making this fun to listen to.

Go to podcast to learn history

This is my go to podcast to learn history. Love the quality of the content

If you love history, this is your podcast

This is one of my favorite podcast, if you love history, you will love this podcast, it is very well done. I love the intro music too!

Excellent Production

This is possibly the best produced podcast available today. Share it far and wide — Ben deserves it.

Absolutely one of my top 5 podcasts!!!

Great homework, great narrative, great insights….Amazing work!!!

Great Podcast!

One of my all time favorites! Well researched, educational and entertaining. Always craving for next episode.


Such a great podcast! Well thought out, organized, and full of amazing information. The recording quality is superb. I’d give the podcast a 10/10 all around!

If you like the title you’ll love this podcast

Binged all the podcasts in a week because it’s so well done. I look forward to every new episode that comes out. Ben has a high content to word ratio and makes every minute count. Couldn’t recommend more🙌🏻

Growing obsessed

I began with the two Steve Job episodes. Absolutely loved both episodes. Stoked to listen to the rest. I hope 2021 will produce some great episodes! Update: coming up on a year of following and listening. I’ve re-listened to some episodes a couple times and can’t get enough. I’m excited for more episodes to be released


After a single episode recommendation I binged all of the episodes and even save new episodes for moments when I can focus and not be distracted. It’s hardcore history but modern. Its shorter, more frequent. More more more eps!

The best podcast ever

I love this podcast HTTOTW is my favorite and I look forward to every episode. I only wish he would do then weekly but I know they take alot of research to do. Keep it up!

Better than Most

I cannot say enough good things about this podcast. Each and every episode is incredibly well-researched and presented in an easily consumable and predominantly objective manner. I was thrilled to hear Ben will be able to dedicate more time to the podcast in the near future. The sky’s the limit, my friend.

Hands down the best

Best History Podcast of ALL Time!!! 👑

My new favorite

This is such a great podcast and Ben does an amazing job.

Love this Podcast

Love the information and how it is presented. A fantastic listen!

Do Not Listen to This Podcast.

Do not listen to this podcast if you hate well structured, well researched insight on some of the most impactful figures in history. I am an avid podcast listener, and since hearing about this pod from (MFM) I’ve been hooked. Fantastic job.

New favorite!

This is a must listen podcast.


The only issue is that I wish there were more episodes!

Amazing Podcast

Ben, you do phenomenal work. Heard about this from MFM podcast. I hope you’ll continue to produce these. Let your listeners know in future episodes how we can support.

Can’t get enough

Found out about this from the My First Million podcast. Can’t get enough. This is the only podcast I’ve ever listened to that I would actually pay for. I hope Ben can do this full time. Incredibly good

Very interesting

Well researched and well delivered. A very good listen.

Great show

Absolute fun and extremely informative

Impeccable show👑

This show is much need. Five stars ⭐️

Great listen

Found them through MFM podcast. Very well put together and binge worthy.

Great podcast

I’ve listened to one episode and I’m hooked. I’m going to go to first and listen to them all. Great information laid out in an interesting story.

My new favorite

Such a fantastic production. The narrative of each episode is easy to listen to, and easy to retain the information! I recently had a long road trip and got through the Caesar and Edison episodes. I loved telling my friends some of the stories learned. PLEASE keep the episodes coming!!

How to take over the world podcast

Very interesting and informational podcast. Not only is it entertaining to learn about how Kings became Kings, but the personality and traits they had that everyday people can try to implement.

The best.

First review of a podcast ever—this is one of the best history/bio/story telling podcast in the game. Napoleon was my favorite but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Awesome - must listen

Awesome podcast - keep it up! Thanks Sam Parr for the recommendation.


So glad I heard about this podcast on my first million. I a huge fan of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History and this is just as amazing. Can’t wait to listen to every episode available.


So glad you’re back! Stayed subscribed and checked for new episodes every once in a while. The podcast is that good!

Fascinating and well delivered

Admittedly, I have no aspirations to take over the world, but I LOVE this podcast. Who doesn’t want to learn about how these famous people set themselves apart as great leaders and visionaries? Ben delivers all the information in the best storyteller format with lots of interesting tidbits and great gems of wisdom. I have recommended it to many people who also find it worth putting all other podcasts aside to binge listen to this one.


What you’re doing and do the binge.

Relevant Podcast

Very succinct and well thought out podcast. A true joy to listen to, especially if you want to be inspired by history’s great leaders. I own my own business and find this podcast inspirational for leadership themes throughout the ages.


Best biographical show out there. Well researched and presented. A really enjoyable listen. More!

Growing obsessed

I began with the two Steve Job episodes. Absolutely loved both episodes. Stoked to listen to the rest. I hope 2021 will produce some great episodes!

When is the next episode?!

I LOVE this podcast with my whole heart, but when is the next episode?!


This guy knows his stuff!

Genuine and a Great Time

For such a simple structure, this podcast can leave you truly enamored in meaningful details and insights. My favorite on history and on insights in how to be great.


The title can be a bit dramatic, but this is the best biography series I’ve found. Definitely recommend taking a listen.

Amazing podcast.

This is by FAR, one of the best podcasts I’ve listened too. I listen to a lot of history and business podcasts and this is both a great source of history and helps with business. I will most likely listen to some of these episodes more than once, thank you.

Best history podcast

One of the best history podcasts I’ve herd in years so informative and great for the whole family both the kids love it thanks so much

Absolutely Fantastic

This podcast is absolutely fantastic. Always very informative and entertaining. Please keep up the great work!

Easy History

Great new podcast that pulls the curtain away from history’s movers and shakers. Thoughtful and insightful....never boring. The new “End Notes” format is really interesting. Loved how it took all the fascinating tidbits that hadn’t fit neatly into the regular episodes and just made a smorgasbord of them. Delicious! Keep em coming.


I loved the Edison endnotes. Keep them coming on future episodes.

Premium Quality Content

Fantastic quality, no fluff or pointless filler, excellent audio, just an overall pleasure to consume- Please keep it up!!!!

Ben Wilson = Dan Carlin for historical biographies

I feel like I’m taking a masterclass in leadership & entrepreneurship each and every episode. What sets this podcast apart is Ben Wilson’s ability to narrow down the specific traits that made these men and women achieve greatness. Not only is it extremely engaging, it is practical and focused. If you love Dan Carlin’s ability to bring history alive, Ben Wilson has mastered this in full. Keep them coming!

Great Channel

Great channel and great deep dives into complex indivduals/groups. Must listen!!

Key to being successful

I just listened to the Rothschild episode. In it, Ben said a major quality he thinks people who are successful have is endless amounts of energy. I liked thinking about this and that in certain situations- more energy can lead to small successes for me too. Hope to hear more of these episodes.

So happy I stumbled onto this

Thoughtful, well researched, & delivered to perfection. Ben has a gift for presenting information in a compelling way, and neither glosses over nor belabors the points he draws from the lives and experiences of his subjects. You can tell that the host loves history and the life lessons to be learned. Everyone he talks about has something to teach us (except Karl).


A must listen! Incredible podcast highlighting characteristics of influential people using real stories from their lives. You can feel Ben’s passion for history and his desire to get to the bottom of what makes great people great. Easy to listen to. He does a great job of helping you feel as if you are there by highlighting contemporary events and conditions of the world at large. Succinct, yet he provides enough details and anecdotes that you really feel like you get to know these historical figures. Only wish there were more episodes.

Insightful and Profound

This podcast takes complex individuals and deconstructs their lives with more clarity and interest than any other I have found. It is a gem of thought that inspires both introspection and "domination."


These podcasts are incredible. They’ve helped me make a couple important school decisions.

Great listen

This podcast is incredibly well done. The amount of research Ben puts into this is staggering. It is highly entertaining and very informational. Can’t wait for more

So good!!!

I have enjoyed every minute of every episode! Looking forward to more!

More episodes please?

All 9 episodes so far have been well produced, which begs the question when will more come out? I couldn’t find a link on the webpage to inquire more about that


Easily the best podcast I have ever heard.



History Meets Personal Development

This is such a great idea. I can’t believe no one had thought of it before! Highly recommended from anyone who wants to learn from the great ones.


I really enjoy this podcast. Each episode tells the story of the traits and faults of some the best leaders. It is in-depth, but not bogged down with facts; it is easy listening. Surround yourself with success! Steel sharpens steel.

First 2 podcasts

I just listened to the first 2 episodes and I’m hooked! So informative and entertaining. So much is packed into the hour and leaves you think about this part of history in a whole new way!

A must listen...

... for anyone interested in learning from great men.

Awesome Podcast!

I love this podcast! Ben does an excellent job analyzing the lives of these successful historical figures and I love the church intense dove into their lives to help us understand them holistically.

Great listen

Love this podcast. Extremely well researched and very interesting. I feel like I learned as much as if I had read an in-depth biography of these people. Look forward to more!

Very interesting

I love how he shows the arc of the person’s life using first-person accounts and contemporary scholarship, all to highlight events and characteristics that helped the person succeed.

Do one for Julius Caesar !

Or Augustus, or Hernan Cortes! DO ITTT DOO IIITTTTTTT

Nice job, hope to hear more

Wow, wasn’t expecting much but this guy does a great job of laying out facts and inserting opinions and tidbits that bring it to life. I’m going to keep listening!

Super thought provoking

I was really excited to find this podcast. It's a fresh perspective on what components make up great historical figures. Stoked for the next episode!


Informative, motivational, love it!

The Best!!!

I've always wondered how to take over the world! I almost hesitate to recommend this because I don't want everyone else to become as smart as I am from listening to this incredible podcast. Love this!

Great history listen

Love this podcast! Fantastic for history buffs like myself.

Complexity in the simplest form

The podcast takes a deep dive into the complex minds of the world’s geniuses and explains it as simply as possible with hours of noticeable preparation. Each episode will allow you to reflect on how similar you actually are to these successful individuals and begin thinking of the changes you need to make in order to take the next big step in life’s journey to success.

Excited for more

So far I’ve only gotten through the first episode but I am excited for the rest of them to come out. I’ve been waiting awhile for something like this to show up in my feed, glad it is finally here. The preparation and thought put in to this by the creator really shows. Thanks for doing this!

So much better than reading 1000 pages

A friend told me about this podcast — I don’t know who this Ben Wilstone is but he makes a great podcast. I’ve always wanted to be able to get details like this without reading a 1000 page book. Looking forward to hearing more.

Now I can take over the world!

I was recommended this podcast by a friend and it exceeded my expectations. You can tell that Ben puts a ton of work into each episode and we get the benefits. The history and stories are very interesting and informative. I walked away from the First episode feeling like an expert on all things Napoleon. It was fun to be able to share that with friends and family. The best part is the takeaways and stories really have given me ideas about things I want to try and apply to do better and become great!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in improving themselves, gaining historical knowledge or just wants to be entertained... so basically everyone.

Great New Podcast

This is the podcast I never knew I needed but can't live without Fascinating, insightful and straight up entertaining. Great in depth look at some interesting characters in the far as well as more recent past. The podcaster has a great, easy to listen to voice. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Addicting, thought provoking, educational.

I love this Podcast. I turned it on while on the treadmill, thinking I’d just listen for a minute, before switching over to music. I got totally sucked in, and ended up running longer, just so I could hear more about Steve Jobs! Ben has done great research, and is easy to listen to. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Really fun

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy the podcasters voice. Gonna go into my rotation while at the gym!

Best new podcast!!!

Such an interesting podcast. I really enjoy history and learning about what motivates people. Each episode focuses on someone who has made a big impact on the world and I learn new things about them I never knew. Please cover Elon Musk or Warren Buffet sometime.

A hidden gem

Stumbled on to this gem and have loved it so far. Well researched and well written.

Best new podcast!

So glad I stumbled upon this! These episodes are so interesting! Everything is incredibly well thought out and well researched. I also really appreciate the in depth take aways from each episode. It adds a new layer to the lives of some of the most fascinating people ever to live. Anyone interested in history, psychology, or just what makes successful people tick, this is the podcast for you! Huge fan. Can’t wait for more!