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Ben breaks down greatness like no other this is so much better than reading or listening to a biography!

Big Bites of Biographies!

Unlike many of the starving inventors this is the perfect way to consume a biography of a person from multiple resources without having to read a 500 page book. Appreciate the research Ben!

One of the Best

I never thought I’d find a podcast as intelligent and insightful, as easy to listen to or as inspiring as Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History.” I can even remember how I stumbled on this, but Ben Wilson’s “How to Take Over the World” is extraordinary.


Ben has the best podcast out

Wish you had more episodes

One of the best podcasts in a sea of mediocre podcasts. Wish you had more!!

Love listening over and over

I love listening to the Walt Disney episodes.

Thoughtful, Steady and FASCINATING

Ben has a real way with storytelling. He gives you the full picture, while sharing helpful asides about the person. The most valuable piece is taking these famous lives and sharing what is actually actionable in yours. It’s a MUST LISTEN, binge it now!


I am a Roschild I liked learning about my family’s history

Time well spent!

This podcast is the perfect mix of entertaining/interesting and productive/useful. These are fascinating stories and life portraits that illustrate useful character traits that one can apply to their own personal leadership development. It’s clear that Ben does an excellent job researching and preparing for these episodes to ensure their accuracy and that they capture the bigger picture of these world leaders. Recommend!!

10/10 Recommend!!!

This is the podcast that I recommend to EVERYONE I know. Ben does such a great job at providing historical accounts of famous figures in the most interesting and accurate way possible. I look forward to every episode and hope it never stops!

History’s Michael Jordan

Best story teller and voice for covering historic figures. I just wish we had more episodes!

Threading the needle

Great pod. It’s more organized than Dan Carlin, with all the cool and interesting anecdotes. It’s more condensed and less extreme detail than Mike Duncan. I love both those pods and Ben threads the needle between them for a fantastic listen.

The Definitive Guide for Taking Over the World

One of the most criminally underrated podcasts I have ever seen. This guy compares and contrasts all of the great people through time, and then extrapolates upon their qualities and applies it to every day life. From Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat to Julius Caesar’s clothing, Ben Wilson leaves no stone unturned. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Amazing Entrepreneurship Podcast that brings valuable lessons

Ben, this podcast is amazing. Great research, storytelling and my most favorite part is the valuable takeaways at the end of each podcast. Keep up the great work

Storytelling at its Finest

Ben Wilson weaves a story like few can and does so with many of the most intriguing figures in history. If you love learning and want to discover the unique character traits of people that have shaped our world, this is your opportunity to let HTTOTW be your engaging and trustworthy guide.

Great show, that keeps us wanting more

Very well presented from the facts to the voice to the information included all round great research and very interesting. Traits of histories greatest most influential people. Really well done. We look forward to the next episodes

History Applied!!

I feel as though the practices of successful characteristics are clearly outlined. Vision. Hard work. Resilience. Eccentricity. And it’s embodied in the storytelling of adversity and triumph.

Great show, that keeps us wanting more

Very well presented from the facts to the voice to the information included all round great research and very interesting. Traits of histories greatest most influential people. Really well done. We look forward to the next episodes

Listen To It Now

Best podcast EVER!!!

Edutainment at its best!

This is a stellar pod. And plenty useful for anyone curious about power, potential and history. I feel it’s the superior cousin to my own Career Blindspot Podcast. Highly recommend for those looking to navigate their career!

One of the best podcasts

Ben is so good. This is a fantastic podcast.

Great podcast

Great listen and summaries provide. Thanks for the work.

LOVE letter from a non history lover 🤩

I was never a history lover…. My dad was… he has a ton of biographies… always raving about them… about the lessons in them… but I always rejected them for some reason. Not sure why. Even though I knew they had incredible lessons in them. But then, I found How To Take Over The World and got HOOKED. Ben has an incredible ability to break down history in an easy and entertaining way so WE can take over the world ourselves. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and podcaster myself I appreciate deeply this lessons Ben is able to extract from personalities in history! Definitely a show everyone needs in their rotation! Thanks for creating this masterpiece! Luis


I started listening to this podcast in the very early stages as a friend referred me to it. The way Ben produces these are so easy to digest and fun to listen to. More than that it’s inspiring and ambitious. I love every second and get excited when new episodes come out.. he doesn’t just stuff content out there. Only the most high quality content is ever published. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

My new favorite podcast

I was recently turned into this podcast by a friend and figured I’d give a listen. I’ve always been interested in history but have never been much of a reader. This podcast is now my go-to for any drives or when walking the dog. My only concern is that I’m almost through them all…so Ben may need to clone himself to pump episodes out more quickly haha! Overall great podcast and thank you for reigniting my interest in history!

One of the most underrated pods

One of the best podcasts, period. Clearly an incredible amount of work put into every episode. Ben is going to be huge one day.

Great podcast

Ben Wilson is an amazing narrator and a great story teller. Listened to all of them and can’t wait for new ones to come out.


My favorite podcast, informative, insightful, funny, engaging. I find myself volunteering to drive places so I can listen to the podcast in the car.

Pure Quality

The best sound quality and content. Ben Wilson really hits it out of the park. Favorite podcast easily.