How to Take Over the World  Podcast

LOVE letter from a non history lover 🤩

I was never a history lover…. My dad was… he has a ton of biographies… always raving about them… about the lessons in them… but I always rejected them for some reason. Not sure why.

Even though I knew they had incredible lessons in them.

But then, I found How To Take Over The World and got HOOKED.

Ben has an incredible ability to break down history in an easy and entertaining way so WE can take over the world ourselves.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, and podcaster myself I appreciate deeply this lessons Ben is able to extract from personalities in history!

Definitely a show everyone needs in their rotation!

Thanks for creating this masterpiece!


March 3, 2022 by Ldcv124 on Apple Podcasts

How to Take Over the World Podcast