How to Take Over the World  Podcast

Captivating stories of History

I dabble in a few history podcasts because I enjoy the subject. However, history podcasts probably tally up to <10% of my listening consumption. Why? Because most of them are good but not great. However, this podcast is great! (No pun intended). Ben is so good at weaving a narrative thread together. He focuses on the meaty parts of the story and sprinkles in fascinating tidbits throughout. His storytelling is crisp. The subjects he chooses to focus on are fascinating. You can also tell he’s just really passionate about the stories himself. So now I’m addicted and since beginning listening to this podcast earlier this month, I’ve listened to double digit episodes and it’s accounted for probably 70% plus of my listening consumption. Can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. Only complaint is that episodes don’t come out often enough.

Jan. 3, 2023 by fosheezydz on Apple Podcasts

How to Take Over the World Podcast