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So glad you’re back! Stayed subscribed and checked for new episodes every once in a while. The podcast is that good!

Fascinating and well delivered

Admittedly, I have no aspirations to take over the world, but I LOVE this podcast. Who doesn’t want to learn about how these famous people set themselves apart as great leaders and visionaries? Ben delivers all the information in the best storyteller format with lots of interesting tidbits and great gems of wisdom. I have recommended it to many people who also find it worth putting all other podcasts aside to binge listen to this one.


What you’re doing and do the binge.

Relevant Podcast

Very succinct and well thought out podcast. A true joy to listen to, especially if you want to be inspired by history’s great leaders. I own my own business and find this podcast inspirational for leadership themes throughout the ages.


Best biographical show out there. Well researched and presented. A really enjoyable listen. More!

Growing obsessed

I began with the two Steve Job episodes. Absolutely loved both episodes. Stoked to listen to the rest. I hope 2021 will produce some great episodes!

When is the next episode?!

I LOVE this podcast with my whole heart, but when is the next episode?!


This guy knows his stuff!

Genuine and a Great Time

For such a simple structure, this podcast can leave you truly enamored in meaningful details and insights. My favorite on history and on insights in how to be great.


The title can be a bit dramatic, but this is the best biography series I’ve found. Definitely recommend taking a listen.

Amazing podcast.

This is by FAR, one of the best podcasts I’ve listened too. I listen to a lot of history and business podcasts and this is both a great source of history and helps with business. I will most likely listen to some of these episodes more than once, thank you.

Best history podcast

One of the best history podcasts I’ve herd in years so informative and great for the whole family both the kids love it thanks so much

Absolutely Fantastic

This podcast is absolutely fantastic. Always very informative and entertaining. Please keep up the great work!

Easy History

Great new podcast that pulls the curtain away from history’s movers and shakers. Thoughtful and insightful....never boring. The new “End Notes” format is really interesting. Loved how it took all the fascinating tidbits that hadn’t fit neatly into the regular episodes and just made a smorgasbord of them. Delicious! Keep em coming.


I loved the Edison endnotes. Keep them coming on future episodes.

Premium Quality Content

Fantastic quality, no fluff or pointless filler, excellent audio, just an overall pleasure to consume- Please keep it up!!!!

Ben Wilson = Dan Carlin for historical biographies

I feel like I’m taking a masterclass in leadership & entrepreneurship each and every episode. What sets this podcast apart is Ben Wilson’s ability to narrow down the specific traits that made these men and women achieve greatness. Not only is it extremely engaging, it is practical and focused. If you love Dan Carlin’s ability to bring history alive, Ben Wilson has mastered this in full. Keep them coming!

Great Channel

Great channel and great deep dives into complex indivduals/groups. Must listen!!

Key to being successful

I just listened to the Rothschild episode. In it, Ben said a major quality he thinks people who are successful have is endless amounts of energy. I liked thinking about this and that in certain situations- more energy can lead to small successes for me too. Hope to hear more of these episodes.

So happy I stumbled onto this

Thoughtful, well researched, & delivered to perfection. Ben has a gift for presenting information in a compelling way, and neither glosses over nor belabors the points he draws from the lives and experiences of his subjects. You can tell that the host loves history and the life lessons to be learned. Everyone he talks about has something to teach us (except Karl).


A must listen! Incredible podcast highlighting characteristics of influential people using real stories from their lives. You can feel Ben’s passion for history and his desire to get to the bottom of what makes great people great. Easy to listen to. He does a great job of helping you feel as if you are there by highlighting contemporary events and conditions of the world at large. Succinct, yet he provides enough details and anecdotes that you really feel like you get to know these historical figures. Only wish there were more episodes.

Insightful and Profound

This podcast takes complex individuals and deconstructs their lives with more clarity and interest than any other I have found. It is a gem of thought that inspires both introspection and "domination."


These podcasts are incredible. They’ve helped me make a couple important school decisions.

Great listen

This podcast is incredibly well done. The amount of research Ben puts into this is staggering. It is highly entertaining and very informational. Can’t wait for more

So good!!!

I have enjoyed every minute of every episode! Looking forward to more!

More episodes please?

All 9 episodes so far have been well produced, which begs the question when will more come out? I couldn’t find a link on the webpage to inquire more about that


Easily the best podcast I have ever heard.



History Meets Personal Development

This is such a great idea. I can’t believe no one had thought of it before! Highly recommended from anyone who wants to learn from the great ones.


I really enjoy this podcast. Each episode tells the story of the traits and faults of some the best leaders. It is in-depth, but not bogged down with facts; it is easy listening. Surround yourself with success! Steel sharpens steel.