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Key to being successful

I just listened to the Rothschild episode. In it, Ben said a major quality he thinks people who are successful have is endless amounts of energy. I liked thinking about this and that in certain situations- more energy can lead to small successes for me too. Hope to hear more of these episodes.

So happy I stumbled onto this

Thoughtful, well researched, & delivered to perfection. Ben has a gift for presenting information in a compelling way, and neither glosses over nor belabors the points he draws from the lives and experiences of his subjects. You can tell that the host loves history and the life lessons to be learned. Everyone he talks about has something to teach us (except Karl).


A must listen! Incredible podcast highlighting characteristics of influential people using real stories from their lives. You can feel Ben’s passion for history and his desire to get to the bottom of what makes great people great. Easy to listen to. He does a great job of helping you feel as if you are there by highlighting contemporary events and conditions of the world at large. Succinct, yet he provides enough details and anecdotes that you really feel like you get to know these historical figures. Only wish there were more episodes.

Insightful and Profound

This podcast takes complex individuals and deconstructs their lives with more clarity and interest than any other I have found. It is a gem of thought that inspires both introspection and "domination."


These podcasts are incredible. They’ve helped me make a couple important school decisions.

Great listen

This podcast is incredibly well done. The amount of research Ben puts into this is staggering. It is highly entertaining and very informational. Can’t wait for more

So good!!!

I have enjoyed every minute of every episode! Looking forward to more!

More episodes please?

All 9 episodes so far have been well produced, which begs the question when will more come out? I couldn’t find a link on the webpage to inquire more about that


Easily the best podcast I have ever heard.



History Meets Personal Development

This is such a great idea. I can’t believe no one had thought of it before! Highly recommended from anyone who wants to learn from the great ones.


I really enjoy this podcast. Each episode tells the story of the traits and faults of some the best leaders. It is in-depth, but not bogged down with facts; it is easy listening. Surround yourself with success! Steel sharpens steel.

First 2 podcasts

I just listened to the first 2 episodes and I’m hooked! So informative and entertaining. So much is packed into the hour and leaves you think about this part of history in a whole new way!

A must listen...

... for anyone interested in learning from great men.

Awesome Podcast!

I love this podcast! Ben does an excellent job analyzing the lives of these successful historical figures and I love the church intense dove into their lives to help us understand them holistically.

Great listen

Love this podcast. Extremely well researched and very interesting. I feel like I learned as much as if I had read an in-depth biography of these people. Look forward to more!

Very interesting

I love how he shows the arc of the person’s life using first-person accounts and contemporary scholarship, all to highlight events and characteristics that helped the person succeed.

Do one for Julius Caesar !

Or Augustus, or Hernan Cortes! DO ITTT DOO IIITTTTTTT

Nice job, hope to hear more

Wow, wasn’t expecting much but this guy does a great job of laying out facts and inserting opinions and tidbits that bring it to life. I’m going to keep listening!

Super thought provoking

I was really excited to find this podcast. It's a fresh perspective on what components make up great historical figures. Stoked for the next episode!


Informative, motivational, love it!

The Best!!!

I've always wondered how to take over the world! I almost hesitate to recommend this because I don't want everyone else to become as smart as I am from listening to this incredible podcast. Love this!

Great history listen

Love this podcast! Fantastic for history buffs like myself.

Complexity in the simplest form

The podcast takes a deep dive into the complex minds of the world’s geniuses and explains it as simply as possible with hours of noticeable preparation. Each episode will allow you to reflect on how similar you actually are to these successful individuals and begin thinking of the changes you need to make in order to take the next big step in life’s journey to success.

Excited for more

So far I’ve only gotten through the first episode but I am excited for the rest of them to come out. I’ve been waiting awhile for something like this to show up in my feed, glad it is finally here. The preparation and thought put in to this by the creator really shows. Thanks for doing this!

So much better than reading 1000 pages

A friend told me about this podcast — I don’t know who this Ben Wilstone is but he makes a great podcast. I’ve always wanted to be able to get details like this without reading a 1000 page book. Looking forward to hearing more.

Now I can take over the world!

I was recommended this podcast by a friend and it exceeded my expectations. You can tell that Ben puts a ton of work into each episode and we get the benefits. The history and stories are very interesting and informative. I walked away from the First episode feeling like an expert on all things Napoleon. It was fun to be able to share that with friends and family. The best part is the takeaways and stories really have given me ideas about things I want to try and apply to do better and become great!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in improving themselves, gaining historical knowledge or just wants to be entertained... so basically everyone.

Great New Podcast

This is the podcast I never knew I needed but can't live without Fascinating, insightful and straight up entertaining. Great in depth look at some interesting characters in the far as well as more recent past. The podcaster has a great, easy to listen to voice. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

Addicting, thought provoking, educational.

I love this Podcast. I turned it on while on the treadmill, thinking I’d just listen for a minute, before switching over to music. I got totally sucked in, and ended up running longer, just so I could hear more about Steve Jobs! Ben has done great research, and is easy to listen to. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Really fun

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy the podcasters voice. Gonna go into my rotation while at the gym!