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Addicting, thought provoking, educational.

I love this Podcast. I turned it on while on the treadmill, thinking I’d just listen for a minute, before switching over to music. I got totally sucked in, and ended up running longer, just so I could hear more about Steve Jobs! Ben has done great research, and is easy to listen to. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Really fun

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy the podcasters voice. Gonna go into my rotation while at the gym!

Best new podcast!!!

Such an interesting podcast. I really enjoy history and learning about what motivates people. Each episode focuses on someone who has made a big impact on the world and I learn new things about them I never knew. Please cover Elon Musk or Warren Buffet sometime.

A hidden gem

Stumbled on to this gem and have loved it so far. Well researched and well written.

Best new podcast!

So glad I stumbled upon this! These episodes are so interesting! Everything is incredibly well thought out and well researched. I also really appreciate the in depth take aways from each episode. It adds a new layer to the lives of some of the most fascinating people ever to live. Anyone interested in history, psychology, or just what makes successful people tick, this is the podcast for you! Huge fan. Can’t wait for more!